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Our services

General Property, one of the leaders at the FM market, according to the definition provides complex building and infrastructure management in order to improve the effectiveness of the client's business activity. From the beginning of the company?s existence, we combine our knowledge from the areas such as technology, economics, ecology, and law in order to economically manage properties throughout their entire life cycle. General Property is mainly specialized in maintenance service of the commercial units. We currently provide technical service to office, warehouse, commercial and industrial buildings (over 280 facilities with a joint surface of over 2 mln sqm.).


Facility Management

Currently Facility Management acquires a position of one of the most important business sectors in Poland. In the area of property management it is highly focused on the client and providing him with complex services which are based on modern methods of space, workplace, building and facility planning. Facility Management joins people, job positions, processes and technologies.


We are developing

We have been building our position at the Facility Management market since 2004. The General Property team is represented by qualified engineers who are supported by experienced technicians and service specialists. Innovative solutions and flexible approach to the carried out projects let us optimally manage the processes connected with technical infrastructure exploitation of the buildings. We offer our clients outsourcing solutions supporting the processes from the property technical support area, so that our client can focus on the development of the key areas of his/her business.

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The standards of the facilities get lower as a result of exploitation. The aim of the maintenance service provided to the given property is to reach the required level of the functioning ability. There are a few strategies of technical renewal of the buildings. It is connected with a proper organisation of the scheduled and current renovations, and also preservation. Proper planning of the maintenance service covers work scheduling, budgeting the outlays and registry systems.

Facing the clients’ needs, we offer two options of the technical service:

stationary service – the stable technical service team provides everyday maintenance services

And more economical solution:

mobile service – team of technicians visits the facility according to the schedule set with the client.

Within the Building Technical Service we carry out preventive and reactive actions.

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The producers’ manuals for devices and systems urge the owners to do the periodic service inspection. The legal regulations also force the owner to do the inspections of the devices and systems which proper functioning influences the safety of the users of the building.

We offer our clients a package of inspection services for the following systems:

  • Wiring systems;
  • Plumbing systems;
  • Heating and cooling/air conditioning systems;
  • Ventilation systems;
  • Fire systems and low voltage systems.

All the actions are aimed to create facilities which are energetically efficient, that is why planning all the systems and solutions by taking their latter practical applications into account is so important.  

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Property management is not only carrying out strategic and tactic aims connected with the property, but also a continuous raising of the property’s value by innovative implementation of more and more modern solutions in order to increase the incomes and cut the expenditures, while simultaneously maintaining the property in a condition which helps to keep prestigious tenants.

This is the reason why we offer outsourcing solutions in the area of electrical energy turnover and distribution, and also telecommunication services. The main aim of their implementation is the cost minimisation of media acquisition or raising the incomes generated by the property.

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Facility Management does not only cover managing the buildings, but also building support in many areas. Nowadays the most important factors are comfort, safety and facing the users’ needs, for the user of the property to be able to focus on his/her main activity.  

Often the most simple activities are enough, like screwing the socket in a room, changing the light bulb, providing the continuity of media and power supply, removing the occurring faults, or assuring the technical emergency service.


That is why General Property offers a remarkably effective service – HELP DESK, which guarantees safety of the property and its users. This service assures a round-the-clock readiness to take actions in case of necessity by a technical emergency service team.   

HELP DESK is a technical emergency service team, which:

  • Is properly equipped and trained, and has congruous licences;
  • Is dispositional seven days a week for 24 hours a day;
  • Provides remedial action right after the notification of the occurred malfunction;
  • Quick reaction and professional actions minimise the damages which may occur due to the malfunction;
  • Its functioning is based on the round-the-clock call centre.

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Along with the Facility Management development, there appeared a need of implementing the innovations and an era of perceiving them as an indispensable element of the company which provides development and competitive position on the market.

Innovation in property management is an introduction to a new product or process which provides material and rational benefits in the scope of operational costs’ reduction, optimisation of the building usage and efficiency.


Technological progress and growing needs of the tenants forced a change of the way of perceiving the standards. That is why it was crucial to implement a computer system which supports the control over the objects.

Basic programme possibilities:

  • Infrastructure property management;
  • Human resource management;
  • Technical material management;
  • Malfunction or defect report service;
  • Own task service;
  • Realisation of technical inspection schedule;
  • Historical data browsing;
  • Analyses and reports.

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According to Polish Law, the owner or the manager is obliged to carry out periodic building inspections of the object. Every facility should be submitted for a semiannual or annual inspection (depending on the development area) and a five-year inspection.

In accordance with Article 62 of the Construction Law, the owner or the manager of the property is obliged to execute a periodic building inspection.

Inspections carried out by our company include:

  • General inspection of the technical condition of the building;
  • Inspection and evaluation of the degree of technical wear of the building;
  • Inspection of systems exposed to the harmful influence of atmospheric conditions and destructiveness of factors which occur over the time of the building’s usage;
  • Inspection and evaluation of the technical condition of the sanitary systems;
  • Compiling protocols from inspections, including:
  • Building’s characteristics,
  • Inspection of the building’s technical condition
  • Inspection and analysis of the protocols, examinations and measurement, and realisation of the post-control recommendations
  • Photographic documentation with pictures and descriptions of the asserted malfunctions.

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During the time of usage, building facilities should be submitted by the owner or the manager for periodic inspection, at least once a year, to check the technical condition of the gas systems’ efficiency and flues (smoke, combustion and ventilation).

Electrical measurements Responsive image

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According to the Construction Law, the owner or the manager is obliged to execute periodic protective measures of the wiring system.

The scope of work covers at least:

  • Inspection of the fire protection efficiency (incl. residual-current devices);
  • Inspection of the 1-phase and 3-phase circuit insulation resistance;
  • Inspection of the basic and emergency lighting level;
  • Measurement of the lightning protection system;
  • Examination of the transformer and MV switchgear.

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General Property Sp. z o. o. offers an execution of inspections and technical auditing with the use of modern thermographic cameras. 

Infrared examination gives a possibility to qualitatively evaluate the electrical systems in a noninvasive way. The thermographic pictures help to detect early malfunctions and to evaluate the condition of devices or systems for which the sign of incorrect working is a change of the surface temperature.

Infrared measurement of the energetic and electric devices and systems is made with a modern camera. Pictures and thermal images are attached to the report and outcome interpretation.

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Not only the very building facility, but also the gas system should be submitted for periodic inspection during the time of usage to check the technical efficiency condition. In case of gas system testing, the inspection covers the system’s tightness and the control of the ventilation, combustion and smoke ducts.

The inspection should be held at least once a year. Only an authorised person who has a group 3 energy license can execute such inspection. Once in five years the technical efficiency condition of the entire building should be checked.     

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Energy certificates are provided by trained energy auditors. Such certificate assesses the exploitation costs of the building and its energy consumption.

What is worth to know about the energy certificate:

  • Since 1st January 2009 every property which is an object of trade should have an energy certificate;
  • Energy certificate is assigned to a building facility or its part (premises);
  • Energy certificate is valid for ten years;
  • Energy certificate is an attachment to the Building Log Book;
  • Energy certificate has a written and electronic form.

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Technical audits are aimed to introduce the most favourable modernization solutions for the building. Thermo-modernisation improvements involve reducing the wastage of heat transfer through building partitions, ventilation and air conditioning system modernisation, and hot water system installation.

Introducing improvements to a building includes an analysis in the area of:

  • Building modernisation in terms of thermal insulation;
  • Local heat source modernisation;
  • Local heat network modernisation;

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Purchasing properties is commonly known as one of the best and most profitable ways of investing and placing the owned capital. However, it is necessary to pay attention to some questions which undoubtedly influence this process and the achievement of set investment targets.

Before purchasing or renting the building it is good to know its technical condition and estimate the value of the construction and installation works which are supposed to re-establish its functional and utility features.

During the technical due-diligence the specialists estimate:

  • The accuracy of the construction and installation works;
  • The correctness of the warranty and post-warranty works;
  • There are made the geotechnical and geological expert reports.

After the conducted audit of the building, we

  • Assess the scope of works which are necessary to be done;
  • Evaluate the costs of repair works;
  • Provide a complex opinion concerning the technical condition of the building.

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Technical opinion is usually provided by an expert on the basis of the building facility inspection and after the possible studying of the available documentation.

In such elaboration the expert assesses, studies and interprets mainly the state pattern. In some elements it relates to the realistic condition of the building facility. Such elaboration is to enable the formulation of conclusions concerning the technical condition of the building and to give the investor a possibility to answer the questions:  are the planned targets concerning the building possible to achieve (renovation, alteration, function changing), in what scope, and is it economically reasoned? To make such an elaboration, one uses the generally available knowledge, but with an in-depth technical and economic analysis, that is why such technical elaboration should be made by a person with building or technical qualifications.    

Road Infrastructure

We provide services in the area of maintaining and preservation of traffic lights, signage, road lighting and other road infrastructure facilities which are created to enhance the safety of the road traffic, especially focusing on traffic lights. We own well-equipped technical and equipment facility. We hire highly qualified employees with a long practice and building qualifications and SEP certificates (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers). Our offer covers: - Designing; - Preservation and maintaining the road infrastructure; - Road signage; - Road lighting; - Power supply from the renewable energy sources; - Road traffic lights

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Flexible, adjusted to the needs, focused on results project management services provided by intelligent and committed people. Our personnel ensures efficient project implementation providing practical, professional and effective services directly focusing on time, costs and quality. Qualified cadre of experienced engineers and a vast knowledge concerning the topic of building processes is a task in which we perform very well. Becoming a substitute investor as a result and leading the building stage of the investment, we administer the procedures included in different contracts to reflect a tender procedure which is proper for the project.

Our experience in designing, investment supervision and investment management enables us to help each of the sides of the process on every stage of the investment.

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Design and office arrangement for demanding clients who put a high premium on quality is our speciality. We are a team of competent specialists with perfect sense of style and vast experience in building and redevelopment works. We guarantee righteous and complex realisation of every project.

We comprehensively carry out orders starting from the idea, then following with the implementation and supervision over the works, and ending at the handover of the finished surface.

We are specialised in the arrangement of office buildings, shopping malls, surfaces designed for the needs of commercial tenants, and also public facilities.      

Cleaning services Responsive image

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At the request of the client we can provide complex cleaning service in office, warehouse, industrial, and any other public facilities, also with maintaining the outer space.

People and property protection carried out as a form of technical security Responsive image

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A wide scope of services connected with technical security systems and new technology makes it possible to adjust the security services to the clients’ particular segments.

We offer a vast range of integrated technical security systems using modern technology solutions. Our offer covers designing and technical security service, including alarm systems, access control systems, work time registration systems, closed-circuit television and mechanical protection.

Snow removal from roofs and car parks Responsive image

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During the winter time at the request of the client we can provide services connected with snow removal from roofs, car parks and pavements. Qualified team and professional equipment make it possible to quickly and safely remove the lingering snow.

Execution in the area of building works Responsive image

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We offer comprehensive investment realisation in the area of execution, covering all building and system installation works. Please contact us via e-mail or phone for more detailed information.

Rope access works Responsive image

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Our company’s offer covers rope access works in the widest sense. We carry out various orders, starting from  simple repair, preservation or cleaning works, ending at orders which definitely require bigger experience concerning the works in places which are hard to access. Works such as roof snow removal, removing icicles, lightning protection system installations or gutter cleaning are only few of many services we have in our offer.

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Facility Manager Responsive image

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According to our dynamic development, we are carrying out recruitment process at the position of:

Facility Manager

Place: Warsaw


  • Higher technician qualifications (electrician, mechanical, environmental engineering, etc.);
  • experience in technical property service;
  • communication skills, consistency and effectiveness;
  • conversational skills and ability to lead meetings with the clients;
  • project management skills;
  • team management skills;
  • knowledge of the effectual legal regulations (The Construction Law, Norms, Technical and Maintenance Documentation);
  • Advanced level skills in Microsoft Office;
  • Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) qualifications (min. group 1 – E and D, over 1kV);
  • Driving licence, B category;

Our offer:

  • Stable employment (employment contract);
  • Friendly atmosphere in a companionate team;
  • Professional work tools;
  • Career prospects;

If you want to join the best – join us!

Please include the following statement in your application: “I hereby give consent for my personal data included in the job offer to be processed for the purposes of recruitment under the Data Protection Act 1997 (Dz. U. No. 133, item 883)”.

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02-797 Warszawa


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