Purified air, free from microbiological hazards

Do you want to purify the air in your building? Are you looking for solutions that effectively neutralise at least 99.9% of smog particles, the SARS -CoV-2 virus, and other droplet-transmitted microorganisms? At General Property, we design air purification systems based on NASA’s superior technology.

Improve the quality of the air your employees and customers breathe

Smog kills nearly 50,000 people a year!

What do we offer?

RCI technology provides a new dimension of office space quality.

  1. Clean and healthy air is conducive to better well-being and reducing sickness absence of people staying in a given room.
  2. The technology patented by NASA neutralizes 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms transmitted by droplets in just 30 minutes from starting the device
  3. The RCI®ActivePure Disinfection System slows down the transmission of pathogenic agents transmitted through building ventilation ducts. It favors the attractiveness of real estate, setting a new standard of building equipment.

Our locations

At General Property, we manage nearly 6 million m2 of commercial space in Poland. In our portfolio, office (58%) and logistics (30%) facilities constitute the largest percentage of properties where our technical and engineering teams work on a daily basis.

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